Monday, December 3, 2012

Our family has grown…

By one elf.

Zippy Charlotte made a grand entrance over the weekend and has been keeping us entertained with his Elf antics ever since. In previous years, we did not jump on the Elf on a Shelf bandwagon for several reasons, but mostly because the whole idea of an elf who watches over your children  and reports to the big guy on their behavior...creeped me out. It’s weird really. And the actual elf? He’s no Will Ferrell.

This year however, feeling inspired by Pinterest {and a little guilty that our fun family activities have taken a serious nose-dive since Matty was born}, I caved. I shelled over the $30 bucks for the elf, jotted down some “Elf” ideas to get me through the week and headed home. On Friday night, Tyler and I sat down, named the little guy and read through the book that accompanied him.  Approximately every 3 seconds, Tyler interjected with:

“So he flies to the North Pole?”

“How exactly does he do that?”

“Mom, he has a plastic face.”

 And when I told him that he cannot, under ANY circumstances touch the elf or little Zippy C. might lose his magic?

“Well…that’s disappointing.”

Needless to say, he’s not as excited about the elf as I thought he would be. Sure, he goes along with it, searching for the elf in the morning and reporting back to me on his nightly adventure. But over the moon excited? Most definitely not.

When Zippy did this? 

Tyler giggled but it wasn’t long after that he asked me when his picture was going to come back and that creepy drawing would be wiped away.

And I haven’t yet heard his response to this one as he had a fever this morning and was still sleeping when I headed out for work. But, I’m guessing he’ll be less than impressed with all those sprinkles on the floor. 

The kid is just too darn smart and a tad too serious. 

And I love him all the more for it.

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