Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas: Many Photos, Few Words

I think that this was the first year that Tyler really understood Christmas. In the past, he knew that Christmas meant frosted sugar cookies, presents and a long stretch of "at home" days. And he knew that if mom asked what the day was REALLY about, he better answer with "Jesus." But, he never got all that excited about it.

This year? Completely different story. December 25th could not come soon enough.

A couple of days before Christmas, Tyler decided that he wanted to make homemade ornaments. Once again, thank you Pinterest; you never let me down.  

That same afternoon, we whipped up an extra large batch of oats and glitter Reindeer Food. Tyler wanted to be sure that Rudolf would guide his buddies our way so he hand delivered some to each of our neighbors. He wasn't taking any chances.

We woke up (very early) to a letter from Zippy Charlotte. He had gone back to the North Pole, but assured us he'd be back for more mischief next year...

Apparently the Reindeer Food did the job because Santa delivered! I'm not sure who was more excited about opening gifts...Ryan or Tyler. Either way they were all opened and being put to good use by 7AM

 If I was forced to choose, I'd say Tyler's favorite gift was his fancy new RC car. Matty's? The wrapping paper. 

After an egg bake breakfast (that is quickly becoming a tradition for our little family), we spent the afternoon with Ryan's parents and siblings, eating far too many cookies and watching as our children were spoiled rotten.

A Christmas success? I'd say so!

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