Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Matty: 10 Months!

I used to find it incredibly annoying when parents referred to the ages of their toddler children in months. “She’s 26 months old!” No, no she is not. She is two. Two YEARS old. She is not a baby; she’s a toddler. A tiny human being who runs and jumps and who traded pureed sweet potatoes for Mac & Cheese a long time ago. 
I still find it a bit annoying, but I get it now. I understand the desire to count the months and avoid the years. It is a means, for me at least, to reside in baby land  just a little bit longer. You have to wrap your arms around those months and hold on tight because they slip by oh so quickly.

Sweet Matty, I cannot believe it, but here we are. Another four weeks have passed and you’ve reached the 10 month mark. 10 months? How did that even happen? It’s as if we rang in the New Year, took a cat nap and woke up to Halloween. It’s ridiculous, really.

You’re getting around much faster these days and you’re into absolutely everything. The artwork that adorns our refrigerator has gradually moved to higher ground and I find myself running to beat you to the cat dish several times a day. And if I happen to be a second late? I’ll inevitably find you with a tiny fistful of kibble and will be forced to spend the next five minutes fishing pieces from your mouth. I told you, you’ll eat anything. 

You have two little teeth now, both on the bottom. I don’t check for new teeth nearly as often as I once did because the ones you do have are pretty darn sharp. They come in handy for all of the cat people food you are eating these days. You’ll eat most anything; chicken, cheese, lunch meat and veggies. We still give you the occasional container of baby food but somewhere along the line you realized that spewing it all over mom and dad is much more entertaining than actually consuming it. 

You’re sleeping a bit better and spitting up a lot less, both of which make us very happy! What else? We introduced you to cookies, snow and Santa! When meeting the big guy, you didn’t even cry. In fact, you did exactly what we knew you would—gave him a big happy grin and a tug of the beard. While so many things about you have changed, that has not. You still LOVE to pull hair and grab people’s faces. You also still suck your thumb and yank on your ear when you’re sleepy…that one melts my heart. 

When you wake up, you grip the railing of your crib and scream until somebody comes to rescue you. There are rarely tears; you simply know that the louder you scream, the faster we respond. You are sweet to your core and you have the most infectious giggle. And your brother? He is completely smitten with you. Have I mentioned how much you lucked out in that department? Last night, as he wallpapered his bedroom in artwork, you sat on the floor and rifled through his books. I suggested taking you out into the living room and away from his things but he stopped me, saying “no mom, I like having him in here with me.” I realize that might not always be the case, so I’m soaking in that morsel of sweetness while it lasts. 

We are still learning so much about you, sweet Matty, who you are and who you will become. Granted, it's bittersweet, but it has been such a joy to see you grow and watch as your little personality evolves. Sometimes, in the midst of a cheerio tornado, after half a dozen dirty diapers and 4 wardrobe changes, I find myself losing sight of how very fortunate we are. But we are. We are so very blessed. 

Love you to a thousand planets.


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  1. This is awesome. I love reading your posts. You have a way with everything. A great way. You are very talented and you have a beautiful family. :)