Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas has Arrived

Around here, Christmas officially begins 6 seconds after the Thanksgiving turkey is digested. Ryan hikes into the woods, locates the perfect tree and chops it down Paul Bunyan style assembles the Christmas tree while I climb under the crawl space in hopes of locating the decorations before the spiders attack. We turn on holiday music, throw some cookies in the oven and bedazzle our whole house in a matter of 45 minutes. 

Ok that's the way it used to go down. 

This year? It's safe to say that while the the tree is now assembled {lopsided}, the banisters are wrapped in garland and artificial icicles don the gutters, it took a whole lot longer than normal to locate our Christmas A-game. I am going to place full blame on the germs the besieged our house and my own personal fear that the two newest members of our family would band together and make it their mission to destroy as many decorations as possible. I was right, at least on the latter. Honestly? I'm not sure if I spend more time prying ornaments out of Matty's mouth or trying to fish Harley out of the Christmas tree without toppling it over in the process.

Anyways, the holidays have arrived and they are in full swing. Need proof?

The tree is decorated.

Matty finds pure joy in grabbing the nearest ornament...and then repeatedly smacking Harley in the head with it. 

Tiny pine trees have found a new home atop the mantel {And that embarrassingly large collection of video games? Since banished to a bookshelf in the corner}

The Christmas village has been unpacked. However, Thomas Kersey's Coffee House {and the rest of the village} remain dark as it didn't take long to realize how tempting all of those cords were to two tiny little hands.

Christmas pajamas? Yep, they've made themselves right at home in the top drawer of the dresser

Good Luck Charlie has been replaced by Charlie Brown. Well, maybe not Charlie Brown, but other holiday classics...Elf anyone?  

No, Ty does not wear glasses...but he IS a pretty big fan of lense-less yellow spectacles. {Have you noticed, he's awesome?}

Finally, driveway bonfires? They're no longer enough to keep us toasty outside...hats are once again a necessity. Hello, Minnesota. 

I'm guessing that we'll have no problem getting into the spirit for the remainder of the's jam-packed with fun festivities. I'm just hoping there are many quiet moments in between. Moments to soak in the season and just...enjoy my little guys. 

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