Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life in a Snow Globe

Tyler has been asking me when it is going to snow for the past 5 months. Yes, since the hot, sticky one-hundred degree days of July. He loves everything about snow. Sledding, snowmobiling, packing it into a waffle cone and calling it ice cream.  He’s silly, that one.

I however, love exactly two things about it. The first day the snow appears and everything is a coated in a crisp, clean layer of white perfection and the glorious day when the last little flake melts.  Bundling up each morning and driving 12 miles an hour to work only to sit down at my desk (late) and realize the bottom of my pants are soaking wet? I’ll pass, thanks.   

Anyways, on Friday night, we finally got that much anticipated snowstorm. I happened to be driving home from downtown Minneapolis with the boys and it took over two hours to travel 30 miles. Typically, this would equate to my own personal version of hell, but Matty slept almost the whole time and Tyler? He didn’t complain a bit. He sat patiently in the backseat making idle chit chat with me while pressing his tiny little nose against the window and watching the flakes fall. He was over the moon. If I could have bottled his excitement up, I totally would have because at that moment I realized that seeing the snow through the eyes of a 5 year old makes winter suck a whole lot less. 

Saturday morning came and the snow just kept on falling. By Sunday morning we had  a billion inches of snow and there was nothing left to do but put on my big girl snow pants and get outside.  And you know what? It was incredible. I felt like we were living inside a snow globe. And not the cheap Anthropologie inspired mason jar  type that currently adorns our mantel. More like a fancy kind that snow globe collectors everywhere dream of {those people do exist you know.}

Tyler and I spent the afternoon building this guy.

We used rocks for his eyes, mouth and buttons and we included some winter appropriate apparel for an added touch. Unfortunately neither we nor our neighbors eat vegetables so an orange ball had to stand in for the carrot. We were proud of our work, can you tell?

We put our architect skills to good use and created an igloo. No, I’m not kidding. Tyler got the igloo cubes for Christmas last year and considering we got exactly one snowfall, they got no very little use. We were happy to make up for that. And so were these other helpful little people. Another perk of living in a neighborhood jam packed with sweet kids.

We introduced the little man to the delight that is the first snowfall of the year! He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but he also didn’t cry, so that’s a win in my book.

And, we finished off the day with a batch of Christmas cookies. Because really, why not?


  1. I'm just super impressed you put your baby in a snowsuit. I'm terrified of Maddie in snow...she'd dive in and get lost, I think.

    Igloo cubes? I need to know more about these. My older kids would die.

  2. He loved it! Most likely because we lucked out and it was 35 degrees that day (only in Minnesota is that "lucky.")

    You have to act fast on the igloo cubes...they're a hot item at Target :)