Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Random Wednesday

Bear with me, this post is all sorts of random {hence the title.}

Parenthood. Hands down the best show on TV right now or ever. Last night? I cried for Julia, laughed for Max, then cried again for Drew. If you’re not watching it, you’re seriously missing out.
Have I mentioned that Tyler is hilarious? He keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure. Recently, on our drive home, he told me all about a new kid at daycare. “He punches people a lot. And he has an in-crowd. You know, like that Berenstain Bears book? He has one of THOSE in-crowds and he doesn’t let anyone join. And if Joey can’t join?! Well, then…”
Smart kid. Avoid those in-crowds, they’re nothing but trouble.
This conversation came only days after another in which he threw a bunch of questions about heaven at me and I struggled to find answers that made even a shred of sense. He was adamant that people do NOT go to Heaven. "Mom...people are buried in the ground." It's not easy trying to explain to a 5 year old how people who are buried under six feet of dirt end up in the sky. I fumbled with words for a good twenty minutes before he  finally said, “Ooh, I get it. So the skin and the toes go in the ground, but the spirit….the person, really goes up to Heaven.” Yes, exactly little buddy. Whew.
I made a resolution to get my butt in gear and start running. I REALLY want to do the Color Run this summer and in order to do it, I figure I better be able to get beyond the first block. I made a deal with Ryan that I would do Couch to 5K with him. It only requires that you get on the treadmill 3 days a week…who can’t do that? Me apparently because I bought new shoes, downloaded the app and ran exactly once. On January 1st. As a result, he’s on week three and I pretty much haven’t begun. Wonderful.
The next few months are again jam-packed with activity. There are birthday parties and fishing trips, best friend visits and photo shoots. It’s nuts, really. We’re also in the midst of planning a Disney vacation. I’m hoping to surprise Tyler. He’s going to be ecstatic.
In the middle of all of the activities mentioned above, I’m beginning a new photography course soon. It’s focused solely on editing and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve also begun booking for Spring/Summer 2013.  Now if only the snow would melt a little quicker. I can’t speak for the other two but Tyler and I are beyond ready for some warmer weather.

And a photo, albeit blurry. Because photo-less blog posts? Lame.

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