Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Celebrating Six {part 2}!

A couple of months ago, Tyler and Ryan took a quick trip to Target and came home with a new bike. We called it Tyler's birthday present but I knew that we'd have to come up with something for him to unwrap when his actual day of birth rolled around. I had no idea what to get him. Honestly, he's spoiled and he has everything. And the "everything" that he already has? It rarely gets played with. He'd much rather dig up worms and explore the neighborhood with his friends than play with actual toys. 

The day before his birthday because I'm a perpetual procrastinator, I set off to find a present. As I browsed the aisles of Target, I tossed an inflatable pool in the cart. I was pretty sure we didn't have one. At least not one that was 22 1/4 inches deep. As I made my way towards the checkout lane I became less sure. I called Ryan. He informed me that we already had a pool. And a slip n slide. And a half dozen water guns.

Great. Back to square one.

Just past the Lego aisle, I spotted a rocket. Like a legit "soars up to 1240 feet" model rocket. I carefully read the back of the box and determined what other "components" I needed to purchase in order to complete this awesome gift. I tossed the rocket in the cart along with a couple of "engine packs" and confidently made my way back towards the register. I checked out and $60 later, I texted Ryan to tell him about the gift.

Me: "I got him a rocket!"
Ryan: "Estes?"
I was very confused as to why my husband was speaking Spanish until I realized Estes was the brand of rocket.
Me: "Yeah...bad?"
Ryan: "No, they are fun. But he has one of those."


Needless to say, the rocket was returned and we decided to let Tyler pick out his own gift. So after our trip to the park, we headed to Toys 'r Us where we wandered the aisles for 45 minutes before Tyler settled on a {very} overpriced RC car. Ryan and I banded together, pointing out how incredibly awesome {and way less expensive} the RC boats were. Ryan showed Tyler a couple of cool YouTube videos and RC boat it was.

Next stop? The Arcade.

And then we grabbed lunch and headed home to race the boat.

After a little boat racing {during which Ryan decided we needed to return this boat and order a faster one online} we checked out a very sketchy tree swing nearby...

And Tyler climbed some trees. Typical boy.
                                                                (No hands!)

We ended the day with chocolate cake {but no birthday wish because Tyler forgot.} 
Happy 6 little man!

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