Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh, hello anxiety.

What's inducing anxiety these days?
  • My to-do list has somehow grown from a page or two to a full-fledged catalog. “15 month appointment for Matty” has been jotted down about seven times in the last two months, yet I still haven’t picked up the phone and made the appointment. Why? I have no idea. I sit a mere 6 inches from a telephone 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I’m going to go ahead and argue that I have good intentions because, well, it’s on the list! But I get distracted. Easily.
  • You know who else gets distracted easily? Tyler. But that's an entire post in itself.
  • The never-ending to do list mentioned above? You can add to it: vaccination records for kindergarten, sign up for swimming lessons, schedule Matty’s baptism, pay a bill or two and feed my children something that doesn’t come in a cardboard box and require only water and/or “special seasonings.”
  • I had to cancel a newborn photo shoot on Sunday because I came down with some sickness and was convinced that I was on the verge of dying. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I legitimately felt awful and there was no way I was going to spread my sickness to a brand spankin’ new human being. The anxiety comes in having to reschedule before the baby gets to the point where he suddenly wakes up and wants nothing to do with pom pom hats and being contorted into adorable little yoga poses.
  • I finally got around to registering the boys for the church nursery a few weeks ago and was feeling a little guilty that we still hadn’t made it to a single service despite the fact that we have no legitimate excuse {aka the children are loud and embarrassing in the house of worship and we have nobody to watch them.} That guilt was only magnified this morning when I received an email reminding parent volunteers that while the ministry understands that summer is busy, attendance remains high and children’s church depends on YOU and can only successfully operate with the aid of dependable parents who show up on their scheduled day. This was followed by a cheerful reminder that this Sunday is my scheduled day. I’m pretty sure that the email was sent in mass to all parents, but I honestly felt as if it should have begun with “Dear you made a commitment! Cristy.” No coincidence that I had just read this post. The church was undoubtedly pointing their avocado at me.
  • I have survived on nothing but peanut butter cups and gobstoppers for the last two days. Why? Because we have no groceries despite the fact that I receive a weekly meal plan to my inbox every Wednesday morning, which is conveniently accompanied by a detailed grocery list. The meals are delicious. But not delicious enough to motivate me to go to the grocery store.

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