Sunday, May 19, 2013

Celebrating Six! {part one}

Ryan and I both took the day off of work for Tyler's birthday. We got up early, dropped Matty off at daycare and headed to the bakery for a treat. Tyler devoured a cinnamon roll, I drank three cups of coffee and Ryan spent 30 minutes trying to solve some magician handcuff trick that the waitress challenged him with.

After the bakery we swung by a nearby park where I attempted to get a few "6 year" photos of Tyler. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. He was much more interested in the awesome tree house, which admittedly was really cool.
Ryan and I did manage to sneak in a few with our birthday boy.

And then we raced to the cute barn down the hill where I proceeded to beg Tyler to let me get "just a couple more shots." He obliged.  For about 90 seconds.

And then? He was over it.
So we headed down to the water to explore.
Next stop? The toy store.


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