Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hello, Sunshine!

The weather took a turn for sunny on Friday. We spent all weekend outside and it was A-mazing.

Matty and I took a Saturday morning trip to the park while Tyler stayed home to play with the neighborhood kids.

After about a half hour {and a mouth full of wood chips} Matty toddled over to his stroller and yelled "Na-night Mama!" so we headed home.
A quick nap and we headed out to the deck for a snack and some sandbox playtime. It's fun to have a kid that wants to hang out with you all the time, being our other child is completely content spending 100% of his time with his buddies.
Anywhere Matty goes...Harley goes too. 

On Sunday, Tyler finally decided he wanted to bless us with a few minutes of his presence {which may or may not have directly coincided with lunch time}

Couldn't have asked for better weather or better company. Love these boys {all three of them}.


  1. Great photos, photos I really want to get Rio a sandpit but he doesn't like messy hands..hopefully he'll like it as there so much fun
    WTPP - The little lady with a baby!

  2. Thank you! Our oldest son was a bit like that when he was little--no better way to get over it than plop them in a bucket of sand! :) LOVE the name Rio!