Saturday, April 6, 2013

Life is Crazy

I've been seriously MIA lately. Life's just been crazy. March was filled with birthday celebrations, endless activities , photo shoots and a little "I can't handle one more flake of snow" trip to Mexico.

But before all of that {nearly a month ago} we took the boys to the Mall of America to go on a few rides. It was actually Ryan's idea to go so that alone tells you that the ridiculously cold and snowy weather was making us all a little crazy. I can't think of any place he dislikes more than the MOA.
Our first stop was the Log Chute. Tyler had been on it once before, when he was about 2 {long before he could comprehend that it's actually a little scary} but not since. He excitedly hopped on the ride with Ryan while Matty and I waited....and waited....

They came down the hill FAST, so I only got one shot. Exiting the ride with a head of wet hair Tyler informed us that he wouldn't be going on that ride again anytime soon.
Next up...the swings {my favorite.}

And then a quick stop at the bumper cars {Tyler's favorite.}
Poor Mads was a bit to small for everything, but was a trooper. Sweet little sunshine.
Hopefully  a full month will not pass before I blog again. But no promises.

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