Friday, April 19, 2013

Matty: 14 months

"Geez, I didn't realize having a baby brother was going to be so much work!" Said the boy who hoped and prayed and wished on many, many pennies for a sibling.

Sweet, chunky little Matty. You have become a little more work, but with that comes a lot of fun. You are 14 months old and into everything. You're curious and on some days? One might even call you a bit mischievous. You follow your brother from room to room, no longer scooting across the floor but toddling, at an increasingly fast pace. When Tyler stacks his favorite books neatly on his bookshelf, you're right there behind him to pull them all back onto the floor. You eat his crayons and step on his artwork. You drink from his cups and devour his snacks. You wipe your constant runny nose on his beloved Green Blankie. Yet, despite all of that? He adores you. He holds your hand, smothers you with bear hugs, reads you stories from memory and insists on giving you a bedtime kiss each and every night.

Tyler is not alone; we all adore you. You are silly and sweet and {while we may be biased} we wouldn't hesitate for a second to say you're going to be incredibly smart. You can say mama, dada, no, naughty, bye bye, uh oh! and cat. If we suggest it's time for bed you are quick to exclaim "na-night!" toddling off in the direction of your bedroom where you immediately attempt to scale your crib. You love puzzles, your Lightning McQueen car and brushing your teeth. You turn anything and everything into a "phone."
But all that sweetness does not come without a challenge or two. You can throw some incredibly dramatic temper tantrums. It's not uncommon for you to fling your body backwards in anger, only to get more upset when you hit your head on the hardwood floor. You despise being strapped into your car seat and as soon as we pull the plug on the tub you are quick to squawk, snatch it back up and save the bathwater from draining.
You make us smile. You make us laugh. You make us shake our heads in exasperation. But mostly? You make us thankful for each and every day that we get to spend with you.
Love you to a thousand planets.

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  1. That last picture is adorable, I love this little mischievous stage..their changing so fast!