Friday, January 11, 2013

Mom Fail? Check!

A few days ago {I can’t even remember which one}, I finished up some last minute emails, shut down my computer and quickly left the office to pick up the boys from daycare. I arrived on time {mom WIN in my book}, got a quick synopsis of the days’ events and buckled the boys into their carseats for the 6 minute drive home. This short car ride began like any other, but unfortunately, didn’t end that way.

Me: “So, how was your day Ty?”
Tyler: “It was good. I colored a lot of pictures.”
Me: “Fun! How was Matty?”
Tyler: “He was good. He cried a lot.”

Insert 45 seconds of silence here.

Tyler: “Mom, Do you remember that other day?”
Me: “What other day?”
Tyler: “You know, that other day.”
Me: “What other day, Tyler?”
Tyler: “That OTHER day, when Aubrey and I were bitching at each other all day.”
Me: “Ummm…what?”

Tyler, completely unfazed, repeats himself.

Me: “Ah, yeah buddy I do remember that day. That day when you and Aubrey were BICKERING at each other all day.”

{Which happened to be the same day that he told me that he and this girl just weren’t meant to be friends…God just didn’t make them that way.}


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