Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Highlight Reel

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a blog and began reading. Prior to that day? I had never read one {yes, I realize it was 2010}. I just didn’t have time to spend online and couldn’t understand the point of reading the life stories of random people clear across the country. Well, things change kids and that ONE blog happened to reference a couple of other blogs and in no time I found myself captivated by families who were complete strangers to me. Captivated by these mothers who cooked meals for their families from scratch, planned elaborate birthday parties for their children and managed to pencil in standing coffee dates with their college girlfriends. I was enthralled by the husbands that seemingly offered endless amounts of support as their wives attended book clubs and workshops and yoga classes. But most impressive of all? The meticulously dressed children who had a permanent expression of bliss plastered across their tiny little faces. Honestly, as a wife and working mother to a {highly energetic} little guy, I couldn’t fathom how those women wore all of those hats so effortlessly when I considered myself lucky if my child {I only had one at the time} was dressed in weather appropriate clothing and had fewer than 4 massive meltdowns before 7:30AM.

I spent nearly two exhausting years following those blogs and trying to determine what they were doing so right and I was doing so wrong. Then? I stumbled upon an eye-opening quote on Facebook {surprisingly, it did not come in the form of one of those stupid, over-posted greeting cards either. I know, crazy right?}

It seems like such a simple idea, but you guys…it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was a much needed, much appreciated reminder. Because at that moment? I realized that chances were those mothers were just as wonderful as they appeared to be in blog-land but perhaps occasionally even THEY threw caution to the wind and declared a “find your own dinner night.” Perhaps that ridiculously elaborate birthday party was planned to dull the pain of last year when they forgot their child’s birthday altogether {or not, but let’s just go with it} and their husbands ARE supportive, but also spend 3 solid hours every Saturday wearing a plastic head set and playing Call of Duty with random 12 year old kids. The point is, that simple sentence reminded me that people are much more likely to throw their highlights up on their blog for the world to judge see than they are those less than ideal moments.

Approximately 6 seconds after I read that quote I made the decision that my future blog {because someday I was pretty sure I would beat the procrastination demon and start one} would not be comprised entirely of highlights. While I want to remember the very few and far between moments when Tyler  recites his prayers seamlessly, without the interjection of fart noises and Matty makes it longer than a 45 minute stretch without covering our hardwood floors in regurgitated peas, I also want to be “real.” Sure there are plenty of “real” days that are also full of complete joy, but I want people to know that there is so much more to our family than what is portrayed in glossy family portraits and the "highlights" of our story. There are days where I am challenged as a mother, as a friend and as a wife. There are days where our house looks like a lego bomb exploded, in turn kicking my OCD into high gear and making me feel as if the chance I make it past breakfast without completely losing my mind is slim to none. And you know what? Sometimes, on those days, it'd be kind of nice to know that I'm not in that boat alone.

Rest assured, this next moment was...brief.

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