Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Today is a big day around here. Ryan is 30. Yep, THIRTY. It’s kind of a big deal. You can bet that I’ve been reminding him of how big of a deal it is for weeks.

“You’re going to be thirty in ___ days!”
“When you’re thirty, I’m pretty sure it’s no longer acceptable to shoot birds off our deck with an air gun.”
“Really Ryan? Did you just call me a ‘butthole?’ You’re going to be 30 in ___ days!”  

These incessant reminders have been met with sideways glances and shoulder shrugs.  Apparently when your days have been filled with work, bills, diapers and t-ball for the last 6 years, saying goodbye to your twenties isn’t such a milestone.  

Despite his blasé mentality, there will be celebrating around here. Celebrating a guy who puts his family before all else and works ridiculously hard to ensure that our boys not only have the things that they need but those extra things that make childhood so sweet. We’ll be celebrating a guy who never forgets to pray before dinner, who reluctantly agrees to watch The Kardashians and whose goofy personality balances out his wife’s crazy type A personality perfectly. A guy who calls the family cat an idiot every.single.morning yet is still willing to maneuver himself underneath the stairway crawl space while simultaneously balancing his wife on his shoulders so she can attempt to rescue said cat from the ceiling in which he’s trapped himself. That wife and those kids? So very lucky. 

Happy Birthday Ry- we couldn't love you more!
While we're celebrating that guy, we’ll also be celebrating Mario Brothers, Hooters {they DO have decent wings} and Plinko. Add to that, Reading Rainbow, Chicken McNuggets, Cabbage Patch Kids and the always amazing Sweet Valley High.  Apparently 1983 was a big year!

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  1. What a sweet and loving tribute to your amazing guy! Happy Birthday, Ryan! You crazy kids enjoy this special day!