Friday, July 12, 2013

Fourth of July Weekend {Day Two}

Day two started early and Matty was down for a nap by 9am. Ryan and I took advantage of the quiet time and sat on the beach drinking coffee and reading {yes, the planets aligned and this seriously happened}. Tyler alternated between playing in the sand and fishing. Once Matty awoke, we took a trip into Longville. We had stopped there on day one for a pizza and ice cream but made a quick exit {sans ice cream} after getting stuck in the middle of the parade crowd. It was insane. This tiny town with a population of less than 200 was bustling with people covered head to toe in red, white and blue.

We {as in Tyler and I} were determined that the return trip was going to include blueberry waffle cone ice cream, even if it meant standing in line for 35 minutes in 90 degree heat.
Totally worth it.

After a quick stop at the store we headed back to the lake to spend some time at  where else? The beach. Honestly, it seemed to be the one place where Ryan and I could hang out and actually have half a conversation while the boys were completely entertained.
Matty noticed that Tyler had a "new" snack and he bolted for the water.
But quickly moved on when he realized Tyler left his flip flops unattended. Matty is obsessed with shoes and spent the better half of the weekend swiping abandoned ones from the shore. What, that lady left her shoes unattended for 6 seconds? They're free for the taking.
The remainder of the day was a bit of a repeat of day one. Fishing, fires and lots of marshmallows. Oh, and about a bajillion sparklers, thanks to Tyler!

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