Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love Day

The day began with Tyler bounding into the kitchen, clad in PJ's and serious bedhead, holding a stack of hand drawn valentines. He could barely contain his excitement as he showed Ryan and I his pictures, explaining each one in great detail. "Karen let us cut up all of her old Christmas cards," he squealed. He had worked hard to select the recycled Christmas cards he thought Ryan and I would love the most and he was so proud. Such a sweet boy.

The boys quickly opened gifts from Ryan and I; a new Wii game for Tyler and a toy phone for Matty. I didn't get any photos though because weekday mornings at our house? Complete chaos.
Ryan sent me flowers to the office, and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I came home to a clean house and Chinese takeout for dinner. Floors I didn't have to clean and food I didn't have to cook? That guy knows me too well.
We played a few games of Mario Brothers, read a handful of books and tucked the boys into bed. Ryan and I watched a movie that he had picked up from the Redbox, but not before I paused to take in the sight of a spotless kitchen.
....and I'm glad I did because when I got home from work today? It looked more like this: 
 back to reality.

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