Tuesday, February 18, 2014


731 days of laughter, of challenges, of pure joy. 

Today marks two full years since you took your place within our family. There are days when I find that little fact completely incomprehensible. But the proof is there…and it’s undeniable. It’s in the too snug 2T clothing that I washed and packed neatly into a storage bin last weekend. It’s in the plush toys that have slowly been cast aside in favor of matchbox cars and Duplos. It’s in the size 5 diapers, the overly dramatic tantrums and the 3,000+ photos of you that are stored haphazardly on my laptop. The proof is in the not so faint laugh lines that have taken up residence around my eyes and the hair appointments that are no longer optional.

I am subtly reminded, even on the most trying days, of just how quickly you are growing. You have thoughts, ideas and very strong opinions that are all your own. You bring us an incredible amount of joy. And? You challenge us. Both as parents and as sleep deprived human beings. The little guy who used to snooze 8+ hours a night has been replaced by an impressively loud two year old who would much rather spend the wee hours of the morning being snuggled or catching up on episodes of Mickey Mouse Club House than actually sleeping. We give in to your pleads to “NUGGLE AWHILE!” all too often, but we’re catching on to you, kiddo.

You work hard to keep up with your brother. You run as quickly as your little legs will allow in order to ensure you’re not left out. If he hits, you hit. If he screams, you scream. And if Tyler is willing to test his fate by leaping down three steps, you’re not afraid to take on four. Donning your batman pajamas and matching cape of course.

In addition to having a best friend in your big brother, you’ve also maintained a unique little friendship with the cat. You terrorize him like it’s your job and it’s not uncommon to catch you pulling him across the floor by his tail. His disapproving screeches are met with “Oh, you’re fine, Har Har.” Yet? He never retaliates; I think he knows that doing so would put his Saturday morning waffles in jeopardy.

You are smart, you are witty and you are unpredictable. My daily kiss and “Hi Matty!” is likely to be met with outstretched arms and a toothy grin. It is just as likely to be met with a tiny little palm and a “You stop it. You stop it right now.” And I hate to say it but (gasp) you’re a little bit bossy. Between the morning reminders you give to your daddy to “Kiss my mom” and your evening reminders you give to our family to “Say your prayers,” I would say that you keep us all in check!

You love snacks and treats and essentially anything with zero nutritional content. On the bright side, you also love to brush your teeth. Additional current loves include your green froggy boots, playing outside, bath time and reading as many books as you can get your little hands on. You’re a big fan of dumping out entire bins of toys but if I sing the clean up song, you’ll gladly help put them back.

You still suck your thumb. In fact, the left one has a small raw patch from the constant attention it receives. And when you enter a room, you’re beloved blue blankie is never far behind. Perhaps they’re both bad habits, admittedly ones that will be hard to break. But to me? I’ll take it as reassurance that you’re still little.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t learn something new about you. A word, an expression, a goofy quirk. You have brought an immense amount of light into our lives. 

And for the last 731 days, I am forever grateful.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy. We love you beyond measure. 

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